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Yarpole Community

Yarpole Community Shop

Yarpole is a united village where people work together to the betterment of our community. To help people get jobs, we established the Yarpole Community Shop. It is now celebrating its 5th year birthday. Though Yarpole is a small community, the shop managed to remain in business. Businesses in Yarpole usually close after a year or two of operating in the area. We cannot blame them for shutting their business because the population of Yarpole is not big to support their enterprise. This became a major issue in Yarpole because back in 1950s there were 7 local shop but when 2004 hit the calendar, they were downsized to one.

Yarpole Community Shop needs volunteers, if you find in your heart to volunteer, you may approach the personnel at the shop or you can send a letter of intent to

Yarpole Walking Group

Everyone in the group do meet ups twice a month, every 2nd Friday and 4th Sunday of the month. The walk starts on the Yarpole church at 10:30 AM.  Yarpole Circular Walk enables you to exercise while connecting your inner soul. If you are interested to join, email

Good Neighbor Scheme

Good Neighbor Scheme is a new program in Yarpole that encourage everyone to help each other. The Scheme is for anyone of any age and circumstances living in the Yarpole Parish, which includes Bicton, Bircher, Bircher Common, Cock Gate and Lucton.