the bell inn

The Bell Inn

We are located in Green Lane, Yarpole, Herefordshire, HR6 0BD. We are the only gastropub in the beautiful village of Yarpole. The Bell Inn has been serving locals and tourist for many years. Our existence in this village for the longest time made us to be one of the village’s important features. If you happen to be visiting Yarpole, then you gotta go here.


We are located at the heart of Herefordshire. The inn is surrounded with big, beautiful houses and has a picturesque view of the valley. We are also walking distance away from the majestic Bircher Common. The setting of our gastro is very homey. We want our guest to be relaxed and feel welcomed.


We serve freshly made dishes straight from our kitchen. The food we serve here are the all-time favorites of the villagers in Yarpole. We offer homemade burger and pies which are highly recommended by all the people who visited us. We also have main courses from fried to grilled seafood, chicken and beef. We continue to add more dishes on the menu to make sure that we are not left behind with the latest happenings in the food world. To see the complete list of our menu, click here.


We cater famous brands of brewed beer such as Carling, Heineken, Ludlow Gold and Budweiser. The Bell Inn supports other brewery that are not so familiar with the market yet to give them chance to showcase their ability to brew. The beautiful view is best partnered with one of these drinks.